Trust Up explores ways to help us thrive together.
This includes meeting basic needs, gathering together, and having fun :)

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Trust Up's main app is called "Trust Up". You can use via our website here and soon as native iOS, Android, and Mac software. See Participate

The app is a simple, yet adaptable, matching tool for local resources. Groups and Organizations have used it to make custom "hubs" to help members exchange in more frequently and easily.

Lockers and Kiosks provide a safe, 24/7, multi-lingual, exchange location solution. The lockers give a way to safely transfer resources between strangers,  organizations/members, and businesses/customers.

The experience is direct and customizable. It provides a simple touchscreen experience, receipts, directions, public wifi, thank you responses, and various add-ons to make connections saftely and enjoyably.

"Multiverse Passport"  is an immersive app that helps you dream, co-create and visit new worlds overlaid on your real-world. You can design a new version home, favorite park, or school... and visit it with friends!
This app can be used on your mobile phone,  desktop, and in VR (Oculus Quest). The goal is to make it fun to reimagine how we can live and thrive together... and have this vision lead to ACTION in the real world!
Virtual Reality Example
Augmented Reality Example
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