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The Beginning

Kingston Resilience was a  group of local organizations that came together to support Kingston, NY residents during the pandemic. The Currency/Exchange subgroup formed "Trust Hub" with hopes of "uniting local currency, time banking, mutual aid, and other methods of exchange."


Year 1

Trust Up (aka Trust Hub) advisors hired Rob Jameson to lead the initiative. He began with 1 year of research into Kingston, NY to learn more about its many perspectives and economic/social realities.

It became clear that there are many resources in Kingston that are not being found and used ("matched") by community members. Trust Up created prototypes to help the community members and organizations solve this problem.


Year 2

Trust Up begins pilots in Kingston, New York with various communities and organizations. This includes launching the apps, and installing a low quantity of kiosks and lockers.

The Platform is still in its early-stage development.  You are welcome to get involved and provide feedback on our existing and planned features. This is just the beginning...and this exciting new world is emerging...



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