In Person Exchange

Local connection tools to help communities thrive

The Experience

The Trust Up platform lets you exchange all kinds of resources. This is helped through Trust Up hardware explained on this page!

These tools help you exchange by providing a portal to browse and place to safely transfer resources. The experience is direct and accessible. 24/7, multi-lingual, anonymous use is Trust Up's goal whenever possible.

The Kiosks

Trust Up distributes knowledge of local resources through interactive kiosks and intelligent lights. The kiosks and lights show many kinds of resources in local areas.

If you'd like  to learn more or host a Trust Up Kiosk, click below.


The Lockers

Trust Up Smart Lockers provide a safe space for goods to be transferred. Lockers come in various sizes, and can be shared. The drop-off and pick-up are managed through a convenient set of tools and notifications from the Trust Up App.

Lockers can be customized for different goals including B2C (business to community) and P2P (peer to peer) exchange. The possibilities are extensive for how the Trust Up Smart Lockers can be setup to support resource resiliency.

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