To rebuild trust in our selves and our communities by circulating our many resources.
Origin Story
Trust in Community

Trust Up discussions began during the COVID-19 pandemic by residents of Kingston, New York. A self-organized group called "Kingston Resilience" felt that a system-level shift would be needed for community to more readily support each other.

The Advisors hired Rob Jameson who did 1 year of research into Kingston, NY support services and exchange norms. It was clear that many resources existed, but were often not found by community members.

Trust Up was formed as Low Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) in 2022 and began resource circulating pilots with local community groups and organizations in Kingston, New York.

This led to development of various tools including apps, lights, kiosks and lockers. You are welcome to get involved and provide feedback on our existing and planned tools.

Meet our Team
People Building Trust Up
Rob Jameson
Dhaval Mesavaniya
Lead Developer
Seth Winslow
Digital Twin Designer
Karen Ruiz
GIS Specialist
Jennifer Bichara
Content Manager
Harshad Italiya
Electrical Engineer
Vimal Sutariya
Microelectronics Developer
Bikram Kumar Singh
Game Developer
Venk Krishnamurthy
Game Designer
Prem Kanasani
Mechanical Engineer
People Guiding Trust Up
Meet our Board
Roo Shamim
Board Member
Randall Jacobs
Board Member
Dr. Michael Marks
Board Member